In a country famous for its food, teas and coffees, Café Differently & Tea Bar stands out for its far from the maddening crowd and its ideal location. It is usually set on the green lawns of Ecomantra Eco Camps & Resorts either on a hill top or amidst the verdant green palm trees overlooking a river or a Sea.
Café Differently & Cokum Diner bundles hospitality and entertainment services in a very innovative way with outdoor excursions and adventures. It has been designed to offer a location that can engage the whole family, in their preferred way from morning 7am to midnight.
Café Differently & Cokum Diner combines the best of:

1. Diner– Cokum Diner serves healthy local cuisine in a café setting. Besides fine dining with local & organic food, the cuisine includes traditional natural food & beverages with 180 types of teas, herbal infusions & coffee. Further, our organic store  provides a direct to client platform to traditional artisans of the world.

2. Entertainment– Enjoy Ecomantra Events’ music and interactive workshops in an outdoor amphitheatre & indoor hall. While you are in a destination, it is a fascinating delight to discover the skill of the artisan and learn to weave or embroider your own piece of cloth, a hands-on workshop that Ecomantra Events curates for Luxexplore’s experiential travellers.

3.Tours & Adventures– Try Ecomantra electric heritage tours, day trips and outdoor adventure park with a rock climbing wall & multi assault course to facilitate mountaineering & camping adventures

Café Differently & Tea-Bar (CDT)

Café Differently is where we organize on-demand tea ceremonies and brunch meetups for groups. Café Differently Tea Bar specialises in serving different teas and infusions from across India, China and Southeast Asia. The open-air café have a relaxed welcoming atmosphere reflecting Ecomantra’s low-key all pure and natural ambience. It comes with an extensive tea bar that serves over 120 types of teas, herbal infusions & coffees that perfectly complements our Chef classic, healthy snacks, grills and brunches.

With the incredible abundance and inspiration of India’s famed street food and tea and coffee estates to draw from, our Executive Chef creates a café experience that’s  a celebration of life and the bounty of the earth that nourishes our body, mind and soul. A combination of techniques from classical single estate teas and street food to innovative blends bold infusions with a focus on in-season, farm-fresh fusion snacks from India.

But it’s not just our food we’re passionate about; we really care about are our guests. That’s why our seasonal menus and daily specials feature an array of Jain, vegetarian and vegan dishes. Our staff is eager to accommodate any food allergy or special request.

To ensure that you are never out of your favourite nectar, it is open seven days a week for breakfast, brunch, high tea and pre-booked tea ceremonies. Live performances and interactive workshops are featured every alternate day.

Cokum Diner & Pub (CDP)
In a country renowned for great food and restaurants, Cokum Diner stands out for its ideal location, welcoming atmosphere and the critically acclaimed contemporary Indian, Mediterranean and Coastal cuisine of our Chef.
Adjacent to the lawns of Ecomantra Eco Camps & Resorts, Cokum Diner boasts great scenic views, an extensive wine list and a superb selection of classic and signature crafted cocktails. They act as a perfect complements to our Chefs fresh fish feasts & seafood, Udupi food, house-made pastas & pizzas, and grilled BBQ dishes.