Sustainable Retail – Textiles & Toiletries

Ecomantra, which is primarily an experiential eco hospitality & travel company established in 2000 hived off its experience in manufacturing & buying high-performance textiles & handmade toiletries for its own eco-resorts into an innovative company called Ecomantra Retail LLP.

Peepul Tree by Ecomantra Retail LLP is a brand for hoteliers & luxury homes that designs, manufactures & supplies pioneering, natural, luxurious, stylish and certified sustainable textiles & toiletries for your luxury hotels, homes & institutions.

Ecomantra Retail Product Vision

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Sustainable Retail – Textiles & Toiletries by includes:

Sustainable Textiles

Inspired by 7 great cities in the world, our design studio designs luxurious, eco-friendly textiles each season. They are made with natural fibre blends of the finest textiles for luxury hotels and homes seeking the best in the world.

All our textiles are MADE IN GREEN INDIA in an award-winning, Gold Rated LEED v4 certified green building facility using processes that meets Oeko-tex® 100. They follow the stringent STeP by Oeko-tex guidelines.

These are then finished using Peepul Tree’s Natural Textile Bio Sanitizers that are Oeko-tex Eco Passport certified, and which ensure that these have been tested as free from more than 300 harmful & toxic substances.

To know more about Ecomantra Textiles, Click Here to download the catalogue for the year 2021 in PDF Format.

Sustainable Toiletries

A. We offer a 100% Pure, Natural & Oeko-tex Eco Passport Certified Natural Textile Bio-Sanitiser. It is bio polymer that is antibacterial, antiviral & anti-odour providing 24/7 continuous protection to your textiles and uniforms without using any toxic biocides! It works by forming a thin breathable layer that protects your textiles from virus, bacteria, microbes, odour and soiling.

B. We manufacture pure & natural luxury soaps, soap blocks, hand wash, body & head wash, botanical balms & powders. These products are handmade from renewable natural resources using traditional cold pressed methods. The soap block has a shelf life of 5 years and you can make 100% natural liquid soap as & when required without worrying about shelf life.

To know more about Ecomantra Toiletries, Click Here to download the Toiletries Catalogue in PDF Format.

Quality Assurance

Devoted to ultra-premium quality, excellent craftsmanship and individual artistry, every product of our Peepul Tree Textiles and handmade toiletries collection has been expertly designed. We offer the highest quality standards through our in-house team of master textile chemists & technologists working with Ecomantra Design Studios & Labs.

We look forward to interacting with you and know that you share our fondness for safe & sustainable yet extremely luxurious sheet sets, hand-made toiletries & natural bio-sanitisers appreciating their unique high-performance safety, softness, comfort and ease of use properties.

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