Why Should You Choose Ecomantra Hospitality to Manage Your Eco Resorts

Choose Ecomantra Hospitality to Manage Your Eco Resorts including resorts, wildlife lodges and adventure camps on a management contract. We also provide consulting services to design, build and launch a new resort. Moreover we also work with you to transforms existing properties into experiential eco-lodges.

The Ecomantra Group portfolio spans everything from intimate camps built right in pristine natural spaces very close to places of great natural beauty to villas & estates in heritage cities to structured eco-resorts in plantations and coastal regions. Our unparalleled results have positioned Ecomantra Group as the leading choice for the development and management of experiential resorts.

Here are some of the services we provide a resort.

Operate your resort

Plugin experiential activities in Your resort

Market your resort

8 Reasons to Choose Ecomantra Hospitality to Manage Your Eco Resorts
  1. Trip Origin Resorts & Hotels LLP is the hotel management division of Ecomantra Group. It is one of the first experiential eco camps, villas and resort building, management and marketing company in India.
  2. We began India’s first Kayaking company(Olympic standard K2) at Maharashtra’s first eco-friendly river camp which built and successfully operated from 2004 to 2015.
  3. We hold the record for India’s first aerial high rope course and climbing wall built right on the beach at Lotus Beach Resort which we operated from 2012 to 2018.
  4. We are India’s first Segway city tours company that began operations in the erstwhile city of Lavasa in 2015 and moved to Jaipur, where we operate rides, night rides and heritage city tours in partnership with the department of archaeology and museums since March 2014.
  5. India’s first hospitality company to include interactive workshops as a default experience in our services. We have a gamut of over 50 workshops which we have offered to over 30000 people in our camps and on institution campus since 2004.
  6. We offer unmatched extra ordinary experiences and genuine service with a constant focus on upselling and cross-selling unique experiences. Our experiential activities are bundled along with our room, food and event services for enhanced top-liine sales and bottom-line results.
  7. Whether it’s a new construction project or an adaptiv reuse of a resort structure, as our development partner, you’ll benefit from a veteran team that knows how to bring growth, best experiences and guest delight.
  8. We have a track record of having served over 2,00,000 guests with their first experiential hospitality outfit and learning programs.

New Locations – Where do we seek New Ecomantra Eco Resorts?
Presently Ecomantra seeks management contract for 50 to 100 room properties in Indian states of


-Andaman Islands


-Western Ghats of Maharashtra & Karnataka


-Himalayan region

Ecomantra has already established a base and a team for immediate operations.
For more information, write to us at info@ecomantra .com