Wellness Differently & Serene Spas

Our Full-Service Spas are Steps away from Your Cottages & Villas

Breathtakingly beautiful bays and beaches, indulgent islands, placid lakes and backwaters, roaring river fronts have always attracted the classic traveller. The one who seeks to rest, recreate, and recharge his body, soul & mind. Most of us just love the very idea of full body or foot massage, steam or sauna. Wellness Differently & Serene Spas are personal discovery experiences that go hand-in-glove with these classic landscapes and are perhaps one of the oldest way to take a break, discover peace and inner joy.

Wellness Differently & Serene Spas Therapies are simple refreshing & relaxing spa massages, one of the best ways to rejuvenate from a tiring, adventure-filled day.

All of our experiential resorts feature full-service spas ready to ease tired muscles, renew jet-lagged skin and help you regain that sense of energy you thought was lost at your last lay-over. Our spas use holistic treatments brimming with natural and organic ingredients designed to indulge and revive. To know more about Serene Spa’s sensational spa experiences that go hand in glove with the idyllic, indulgent islands landscape, check our list below and get ready to…just…breathe.

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Wellness Retreats and Serene Spas by Ecomantra