Ecomantra has an expert team providing CSR i.e. Corporate Social Responsibility programs and uses interactive eco workshops and projects that are delivered in your office campus or in our eco lodges.

Our panel of resource people includes industry stalwarts who will help you build customised programs and run projects to deliver your CSR milestones.

To know more on CSR, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corporate_social_responsibility

Some of our Going Green areas of expertise are:

Sustainability, Biodiversity & Climate Change bases CSR Programs

  • Tree Plantation & Habitat Improvement

  • Tree Transplantation

  • Biodiversity Conservation

  • Climate Change & Take Action Programs

  • Water Management and Rejuvenation Programs

  • Sustainability – Net Zero Carbon Emission Consultancy

  • Sustainability Workshops, Nature Awareness & Educational Programs

Here the guest participates in interactive talks, workshops and learning activities that aim at empowering their nature and environment knowledge. We conduct many different eco experiences in 4 sub categories.

Workshops with a theme of environment education are also possible on your holiday, nature interpretation centre or campus itself. Learn about Vermicomposting, Organic farming, Snake awareness, natural dyeing (colouring and printing), making your own solar power, terrace farming and lots more. In a group, you can make a special request for an interactive workshop of your interest in your holiday or corporate offsite/learning programme.

Those with a love for the wildlife including birds, reptiles, mammals, flowers can enjoy a wildlife interactive program with us. Our common wildlife interactive programs include Animal bonding, Snake alive interactive, Crab trails, inviting butterflies and special programs on the lives of plants. The ‘live’ element in the program makes it interesting and especially memorable. As per the terrain of your holiday and the season – you can also request for a wildlife interactive program.

Sustainable Smart Cities & Villages

Urban & Rural Go Green CSR Projects

Ecomantra provides consultancy to create and operate Urban & Rural Go Green Projects from urban electric last mile connectivity to rural solar electrification, village nursery and community based ecotourism projects.

Urban & Rural Renewable Energy CSR Projects

Ecomantra provides consultancy to create and operate Urban & Rural Renewable Energy Projects to lit up your public passageways, to heat water and general water management to reduce your electricity bills and go green. Similarly, Ecomantra works with corporate groups who wish to lit up unlit villages in the hinterland of India. Corporate groups can help villagers use solar energy to operate their pumps for farming and lighting up their homes.

Sustainable & Smart City Mobility Management

For corporate groups, we provide consultancy services to adopt and operate electric bikes and kick scooters. For smart cities, Ecomantra provides consultancy to create and operate Sustainable & Smart City Mobility Management, a unique hybrid HUB & SPOKE model that offers last mile bike rentals. We offer the best of Public Rental Transport & Last Mile Mobility Electric Rentals to be in sync with the smart city mobility management requirements as laid down by the Government of India.

Village Women & Children Empowerment CSR Programs

As part of corporate CSR, Ecomantra creates region specific sustainable Village Women & Children Empowerment Programs by creating MSME projects like handicrafts, arts, soap making, food preserves and other industries that can be easily executed at village level. The proceeds of these micro ventures can create employment and also empower children to study and access healthcare.

Personal & Corporate CSR

Go Green Events, Celebrations & Fests

While you are having a great time celebrating life with loved ones, we will ensure that you do it in green style. You go back home refreshed, enthused and enriched on Ecomantra Events’s private celebrations and fests from food and wine tastings to green Birthdays & Anniversaries, Honeymoon and Weddings. We understand that these are special days in your life and along with your family and friends you can turn them into green and eco-friendly days as well.

Sustainable Industry & Product Development Consultancy

Sustainable Textile/ Retail Consultancy & Product Development

Ecomantra’s leadership team has 20 years of qualified experience in textiles, retail and fashion. By leveraging its expertise, it provides Sustainable Retail / Textile Consultancy & Product Development to textile mills, design houses and brands, which can achieve the test standards as required by buyers.

Ecotourism Consultancy & Community Tourism Project Development

Ecomantra is one of the oldest ecotourism organisation that built, operated and marketed experiential eco camps and resorts. We have over 20 years of experience & expertise in this domain. This empowers us to leverage our expertise to design, build, operate and/or market eco lodges as well build entire eco-villages to help promote community based eco-tourism.

To know more email us at csr@ecomantra.com