Experiential Journeys – Eco Tours, Wildlife Safaris, Adventure Travel & Expeditions

Travel the world with a 21 year old award-winning family-owned experiential travel & sustainable retail company that operates eco camps & resorts, offer bespoke small-group eco tours, wildlife safaris, adventure travel and overland expeditions.

Our goal is to transform ways of life into more holistic, minimalistic, slow sustainable travel and living by curating or creating authentic experiences & products.

A holiday is not just about stay, meals and airport transfers – You want to explore the destination, see amazing places & do extraordinary adventures. And you want to celebrate your special days in style, learn something new and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. That’s why we have gone beyond the ordinary to make your journey experiential, extraordinary and complete.

Imagine a soulful journey or a rejuvenating retreat in a legendary landscape where you stay in a special place to stay, and see & do extraordinary experiences led by experienced Journey Designers.

All you have to do to make your imagination a reality is join The Ecomantra Travellers Club. Explore a new place, make new friends with like-minded people, see and do Unique Experiences that are forever memorable. Return home, enriched, refreshed and connected to nature.

Soulful Experiential Journeys by Ecomantra

Ecomantra curate & create soulful Journeys that are designed and delivered by the best journey designers. Because extraordinary experiences demand extraordinary expertise and experiences.

Yoga, Wellness and Spa at Ecomantra & Partner Experiential Eco Camps & Resorts
Day Trips at Ecomantra Experiential Eco Camps & Resorts


Set to the backdrop of surreal yet spectacular sceneries and filled with plenty of transformative life-enriching experiences, Luxexplore’s 23 Soulful Journey in India are 1 to 4 weeks of scheduled, private or bespoke journeys in serene sanctuaries.

Overland Self Drive Expeditions


Luxexplore self-drive expeditions are 1 to 2 weeks of self-driving overland safaris in 2 wheelers    ( bicycles, scooters, or motorbikes ) but sometimes also in jeeps or cars that move to a new destination every day or every alternate day.

Yoga, Wellness and Spa at Ecomantra Experiential Eco Camps & Resorts


These are either short 3 days or longer 1 to 4 weeks ‘Retreats’ in Special Places to Stay. Here we will assemble Ayurveda Spa, Meditation, Yoga & naturopathy treatments, which we will keep open to domestic and international guests.

Explore the world differently – a world where extraordinary experiences have been developed and curated by Ecomantra’s highly experienced designers to create a personalised bespoke Experiential Journeys – Eco Tours, Wildlife Safaris, Adventure Travel & Expeditions for you and your family.

Ecomantra adopts a more sustainable approach to exploring the world, where you stay in eco camps or eco-resorts, and explore the heritage, food and culture of the place on an electric cycle, scooter or car. Where you learn more about the craft of the place in an interactive workshop with a local expert or an Ecomantra journey leader.

We aim to connect you with nature and create extraordinary experiences for you and your family. Over 200,000 travellers have loved our vision of exploring and preserving the blue planet since we began in the year 2000 CE.

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