Unique Experiences for Your Resorts by Ecomantra

Today’s travellers do not like to buy their holidays in bits and pieces from different suppliers. Different members of the same family & friends group seek different experiences from the same holiday! And yet the traveller wants a personalised & a complete ‘All Inclusive Holiday’ that has something for everyone in a multi-generational family. And more importantly they would rather buy a complete holiday from a single supplier. That’s why Unique Experiences for Your Resorts by Ecomantra is a great step in that direction.

In other words, a hotel needs to become a tour operator and a tour operator has to enable the traveller to create a bespoke set of experiences on the fly that has something for everyone in the family.

6 Reasons to Drive Unique Experiences for Your Resorts by Ecomantra.

  1. Quietly gain an edge on your competition with unique tours, workshops and activities in & around your hotel.
  2. Great hotels and tours don’t just turn into great trips. It needs a robust ecosystem of personalised content that is a perfect get-together of hospitality, food & brews, events, tourism and travel services.
  3. Collaboration to go experiential create new revenue channels
  4. Going experiential makes a hotel stand out as a complete experiences provider from the other resorts in the destination, and more importantly creates customer delight that results in word of mouth publicity and repeat business.
  5. A hotel can tap into int the collaborator’s experience and expertise as they bring in resource people (adventure guides, naturalists, workshop experts). An experiential company can create unique itineraries and if required market these via email, phone, social media and meet ups & talks.
  6. Eco-friendly Experiential activities are relevant, engaging, original and useful.

To know more, we have created a presentation deck for you and your team that you can download and view.

Why Choose Ecomantra as Your Experiential Partner for Your Stunning Hotel.

We Operate India’s First, One & Only Electric Heritage City Tours on Segways

We operate Segway tours and rides in the city of Jaipur since 2017.

2 Decades Of Experience & Expertise In Experiential Travel!

An expert leadership team with a 2 decades of experience in the experiential hospitality and marketing space.

We have Built & Operated India’s Oldest Experiential Eco Resorts /Campsite

We are actual operators of experiential hospitality and not merely curators & resellers.

2,250 Hours Of Original Experiential Content

Ensures that we have something for everyone in a multi-generational family and institution.

Big In-House Sales Funnel Of Both F.I.T & G.I.T Travellers

We have our own roster of some of India’s oldest experiential travellers.

We cater to all 7 Types of Luxexplorers

The Purist Travellers Who Love Culture, Food, Art & Dance

The Luxury Vagabonds Who Travel Differently But in Great Style

The Adventurers Who Love Extreme Adventures & Expeditions

The Sun Worshipping Hippies Who Love Beaches, Music & Recycling

The Explorers Who Love To Explore The Destination In Depth

The Nomadic Yogis Who Love Local Culture & Travels Slow

The Wild Mowglis who think nothing is more wonderful than being in the Wilderness

If you wish to explore hiring our services to add experiential activities in your stunning property and create all-inclusive packages, email us at life@ecomantra.com