Ecomantra Group’s experiential hospitality division Trip Origin Resorts and Hotels LLP has 2 decades of expertise & experience in creating, operating & marketing luxury experiential eco lodges i.e. eco camps, eco resorts & luxury private villas; restaurants (cafés & diners) and spas.

We offer ‘Connect to Nature’ experiences in the ‘Serene Sanctuaries’ of Eco Camps, Eco Resorts & Luxury Private Villas that are often located in offbeat destinations that has something for everyone in a multi-generational family. You can feel right at home in the simple yet comfortable, understated yet stylish, unpretentious yet quirky sanctuaries that ensure the sanctity of your quiet time and from where you get to explore the great outdoors.

These ‘Special Places to Stay’ offer plenty of unique experiences for everybody in the family and are an amazing alternative to typical cookie cutter hotel accommodations which are content with merely facilitating rooms, food & beverages & MICE events.

Depending upon the destination, its popularity and zoning laws, we build 3 different types of experiential accommodations.

These are:

Type 1 > Eco Camps for Fragile Destinations With Strict Zoning Laws .

Type 2 > Experiential Hotels and Resorts for Cities & popular tourism towns.

Type 3 > Luxury Private Villas for Long Stay Destinations.

These camps, villas & resorts act as the primary hub where our experiential division creates, curates & offer services as follows:

  1. Café Differently Tea Bar and Cokum Diners & Pub – These are cafes and restaurants that we operate in our own & partner resorts and independently in the destinations.
  2. Serene Spa – These are serene yet sensational Spas that rejuvenates, refresh & revive your body, mind & soul. We offer yoga & meditation, massages, Ayurveda therapies and naturopathy in our own and partner resorts.
  3. Ecomantra Events operates experiential education & events for guests, schools, colleges & corporate groups.
  4. Ecomantra Tours operates electric heritage city & night rides, half & full day trips & outdoor aqua, aero, mountaineering & wilderness adventures.
  5. Ecomantra Journeys bundles all of the above to create experiential journeys, expeditions & wellness retreat.

We not only build and operate our own assets but partner with investors and existing hospitality asset owners to transform their existing or to be built asset into experiential eco lodges, which results in a higher demand and also gives higher returns.

If required we operate and/or market these transformed assets to experiential travellers and travel trade. We even find, train and place specialised Human Resources in the experiential hospitality, food and wellness space.

Going experiential is critical to fulfill the exacting demands of the new generation travellers for deeper experiences. Ecomantra has most of your holiday needs covered including accomodation in 100% naturally built eco camps or resorts that serve authentic local food and have plenty of locally inspired excursions, adventures and events as default.

Ecomantra Hospitality can not only build greenfield new Experiential Eco Lodges but we have in-depth expertise to quickly transform an existing resort into an experiential resort.

From 2004 onwards, Ecomantra has built, operated & marketed 3 Experiential Eco Lodges; an eco camp and a beach resort in Central Konkan, Maharashtra and a plantain resort in the Andaman Islands. Here we have served over 20,000 guests every year from 250 corporate groups, colleges and schools. These are one of the oldest experiential eco camps/resort in India.

These were:
1. Rivertrail Eco Camp, Central Konkan
2. Lotus Beach Resort, Central Konkan

Experiential Eco Camps

Experiential Eco Lodges - Eco Camps

Experiential Eco Camp – Rivertrail Eco Camp

Roasting fresh catch on the camp cookout, being close to nature while hiking, bathing under the waterfalls deep inside the woods and sitting around the fire on the bank of a river hearing the sounds of a forest are just a few of the reasons why people enjoy camping.

Being roasted in the sun and close to creepy crawlies, skipping showers, going to the bathroom in the woods, and sleeping on the cold, hard and most likely wet ground while being bitten silly by mosquitos are reasons why many don’t enjoy it. Thats why luxury experiential travellers prefers clamping i.e. glamorous camping over conventional camping.

Tent conjures an image of a barely functional shelter deep inside a wilderness area that campers and hikers put up for the night. You may be surprised to know that tents can also be more luxurious and often more expensive than a city hotel despite being in the middle of nowhere.

With glamping, those who yearn to escape the city and become one with nature can do so, just in a more glamorous and comfortable way than typical camping. Glamping offers a variety of luxury campsites around the world. What’s more, we can also create a glamping experience specially for you and your family or your team mates at the location of your choice.

Ecomantra Mobile Eco Camps are low cost yet luxury glamping sites that take you to close to nature but without the inconveniences of a rustic camp. Being mobile allows us  to set these ones up in the high season, and hence they have received more than twice the visitors than a mid-rate typical camp. Which in turn enables us to facilitate considerably higher comforts and amenities than available in a typical camp. Thus, we facilitate the great outdoor camping experience for those travellers who otherwise won’t choose to stay in camps.

Ecomantra’s glamping sites features cover 3 course dining using fine cutlery, luxe tents with comfortable beds and solar lights, composting toilets and showers etc.

Glamping with Ecomantra lets users select location and interest areas etc. to find a glamping site fit for a king. And if it isn’t there, we will make it for you.

Ecomantra – Rivertrail Eco Camp (2004 to 2015)

Rivertrail Eco Camp in Kolad, built in 2004 was Maharashtra’s oldest continuously operating eco-friendly campsite. The Camp specialised in aqua adventures, nature activities and local experiences. It was an ideal weekend destination from Mumbai & Pune and offered families, corporate groups and students the perfect eco-friendly experiences.

Located right on the river Kundalika, Rivertrail has an island like, breath taking location and could only be reached by a boat. Participants enjoyed Kayaking, trekking, river crossing or zip lining, bird watching, night trails and lots more on a picture perfect unforgettable holiday.

Experiential Eco Resorts

Really Responsible Resorts
Experiential Eco Lodges - Eco Resorts

Experiential Eco Resorts – Lotus Beach Resort

If a hotel’s suite is too common or uncharacteristic, or simply not sustainable enough for you, you will love to stay in experiential eco resorts. They can be the simple, rustic looking chic mountain lodges in the middle of nowhere or a super luxury wildlife lodge deep inside a wildlife reserve.

Ecomantra’s luxury experiential eco lodges are located in places of great natural beauty. Always natural, never artificial, our eco resorts are built using an intriguing combination of native and modern contemporary architecture and are fitted with natural organic material and local craft. They serve authentic food and have plenty of terrain inspired excursions & adventures.

Ecomantra – Lotus Beach Resort(2012 to 2018)

Ecomantra managed and marked ‘Lotus Beach Eco Resort‘ in Murud Harnai, a 40 room, 3 star plus experiential eco resort with a fantastic location, activities and experiences.

Located right on a picture perfect white sand beach, this resort has amazing views of the Arabian sea. But what takes the breath away is the verdant green lushness of the lodge and its sea facing rooms and cottages, restaurant, gazebos, adventure set up, hammocks and children park.

At Lotus Beach Resort, Ecomantra Experiences created and offered India’s only ‘on the beach’ rock climbing wall, an aerial high rope course, assault course, segway rides on the beach, beach bicycling, corporate training programmes & much more.

Luxury Private Villas, Ranches & Estates

Experiential Eco Lodges - Luxury Villas

Luxury Villas, Ranches and Estates

At Ecomantra Villa, you’re more than just a guest, you’re a resident. Ecomantra Villa’s heritage and contemporary luxury private villas are the alternative to typical cookie cutter hotel accommodations offering spacious three to ten bedroom villas with comfy living rooms, stylish bathrooms, fully-fitted kitchens, outdoor social spaces, expansive green lawns, BBQ grills and fire pits, Gym Room and swimming pool (varies by location), complimentary organic breakfast and high tea social, butler services and of course free Wi-Fi everywhere.

Whether it is for privacy, peace or the sheer space at your disposal, a luxury private villa overlooking the scenic landscape with or without the private cook and butler is now a preferred mode of accommodation for many over the hustle and bustle of a resort or hotel. These are best for those traveling with partners and children or those who are used to the finest things in life and need complete privacy.

Private villas, ranches & estates redefine luxury, space, privacy, service, freedom to do your own things, private dining and then one can invite friends and extended family to join the party.

You may be miles away amidst nature, yet things will feel close to how you live with these Ecomantra Villa amenities and services. The resort lifestyle experience is further enhanced by Ecomantra ’s unique experiences and club services that take care of well, everything.

Why choose an Ecomantra Experiential Eco Lodges?

A Very Special Place to Stay

When you choose an Experiential Holiday with us, you are almost always accommodated in a special place to stay. Ecomantra Eco Camps & Resorts offer an experiential accommodation that’s sustainable and built using natural materials. It is light on the pocket and high on warmth and you get to stay very close to nature in great comfort.

A Unique Destination & Landscape

When you choose an Experiential Holiday, you are always accommodated in your favourite landscape. Beach bummers will love the breathtakingly beautiful bays and beaches of the South Andaman region and Central Konkan while Mountain people will love the High Hills of Western Ghats and the Himalayas.

Do More – Unique Experiences & Adventures

Since 2005, Indian travellers are increasingly seeking unique experiences, preferably in the outdoors and very often this is the primary reason why they travel. Here we have a primary focus on experiences & adventures that involve being in the outdoor region and are based on human power and endurance. Theses holiday packages are ideal for those looking at trying new eco adventures to make their holiday thrilling and exciting.

A Great Place for Celebrations & Special Days

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Honeymoon and Weddings are special days in your life. Celebrate your special days with your loved ones in great style. Get together in an unique place in an unique way. These are big days, happy days and we will make them forever memorable as we understand that Private Dinners, Parties & Picnics with your family and friends brings joy to life.

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