We created Ecomantra with a vision to build a 360˚experiential lifestyle ecosystem where people can seek and
experience a richer, more harmonious and enriching life.

Our goal is to transform ways of life into more holistic, minimalistic & slow living by curating and creating
authentic and real experiences. This is offered in a nurturing yet sustainable environment to achieve your quest for personal
creativity, discovery and exploring the world. More than just the best ways to travel, learn and wellness though,
this is a movement toward balanced and meaningful lives.
We believe that people can live in harmonious ways on the blue planet and look forward to achieving Ikigai, a
Japanese word which means ‘the reason for being. Ikigai encompasses joy, a sense of purpose and meaning,
and a feeling of well-being’ so that we can achieve a true work-life balance by finding real meaning in what we
Come join us on this journey to seek and experience your Ikigai and like us find your ‘Reason for Being’.

Experts in an array of ‘rich’ experiences – from exploring the
world differently to staying, exploring and living differently.

Operating & Marketing Eco Resorts

Ecomantra Hospitality has built, operated and marketed eco camps & resorts in Konkan and Andaman Islands since the year 2000 CE. Ecomantra Hospitality experiences and portfolio spans everything from intimate river camps built structured eco resorts on the beach. We specialise in not only transforming your existing resort into an experiential eco lodge on a services or a management contract but also buidling, operating and managing them. Our unparalleled results have positioned Ecomantra Hospitality as the leading choice for the development and management of experiential resorts.

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Going Experiential with Ecomantra

Great hotels and tours don’t just turn into great trips. It needs a robust ecosystem of personalized experiential content that is a perfect get together of hospitality, food & brews, events, tourism, and travel services. This is where Ecomantra Experiences steps in to collaborate with the hotel and resort to go experiential and create new revenue channels, stand out as a complete experiences provider from the other resorts in the
destination, and create customer delight that results in word of mouth publicity and repeat business. Ecomantra create original content for your hotels and helps transforms you to go experiential. We then handhold your team till the time they can deliver these services to your guests.

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