01 East & South Rajasthan - Bharatpur, Jaipur-Ranthambore & Dausa, Bundi, Kota & Chittaurgarh, Udaipur & Shrinathji, Mt.Abu & Ranakpur

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1. Bharatpur
Blissful Birding in Bharatpur - A World Heritage Site
Its winter time and its biting cold in the morning and every nook and cranny on the lake and the trees are laden with millions of birds from all over the world. No wonder its a world heritage site. Bharatpur has glorious bird sanctuary and very close to both Agra and Jaipur

  • See & Do - Walk, Jungle Jeep Safari, Blissful Birding, Private Dining in Forest
  • Stay at - Luxurious Wildlife Lodge made using Local Architecture
  • Airport - Agra at 65 Km | Jaipur at 190 Km
  • Nearby Towns - Agra (59 Km) | Jaipur (96 Km) | Chambal (126 Km)

2. Jaipur
Royal Rendezvous in Rajputana
Jaipur, the city founded in Jai Singh II is the gateway to Rajasthan and also its present capital. Lets explore the rich royalty filled past of Jaipur on foot or on a cycle. Be amazed by its beautiful hill top forts and beautiful palaces, some of which are now luxury palace hotels.

  • See & Do - Amer Fort, Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Jantar Mantar, Shopping
  • Stay at - Heritage Palace & Luxurious Hotel in Ancient Cities
  • Airport - Jaipur at 15 Km | Delhi at 253 Km | Agra at 235 Km
  • Nearby Town - Shekhawati (195 Km) | Dausa (74 Km) | Neemrana (152 Km)

3. Ranthambore & Dausa
The King of the Jungle in the Land of the Kings
Ranthambore is the best place to spot wild tigers in Rajasthan and is a lovely combination of ancient temples, lakes, cenotaphs, forests and a thousand year old Ranthambore Fort, now a proposed world heritage site. Go on jeep safari or rejuvenate yourself with a massage in the spa

  • See & Do - Ranthambore Fort, Jungle Jeep Safari, Birding
  • Stay at - Heritage Palace
  • Airport - Jaipur at 152 Km | Agra at 240 Km | Gwalior at 275 Km
  • Nearby Towns - Kota (186 Km) | Dausa (70 Km) | Chambal (275 Km)

4. Bundi, Kota & Chittaurgarh
Mewar - The Land of the Brave King, Queens & Warriors
Chittaurgarh is the land of the bravery and valour of the Rajputana, whose people always chose death rather than surrender. Its the land of the poetess Meerabai, and home to the largest fort in Asia, a symbol of all that was brave, true and noble in the glorious Rajput tradition.

  • See & Do - Taragarh Fort, Chittaurgarh Fort, Bundi Town
  • Stay at - Luxurious Wildlife Lodge made using Local Architecture
  • Airport - Udaipur at 217 Km | Jaipur at 292 Km | Jodhpur at 370 Km
  • Nearby Towns - Bundi is 91 Km & Chittaurgarh is 123 Km from Kota

5. Udaipur & Shrinathji
Lake Palaces & Jain Temples in Resort Town of the Royalty
Established in 1559 by the Maharaja Udai Singh II after the sack of Chittaurgarh and built around four lakes and surrounded by hills, the beauty of Udaipur lies in its glorious setting with its palaces and whitewashed havelis reflected in the shimmering water.

  • See & Do - Jungle Jeep Safari, Blissful Birding, Private Dining in Forest
  • Stay at - Luxurious Wildlife Lodge made using Local Architecture
  • Airport - Udaipur at 26 Km | Ahmedabad at 248 Km | Jodhpur at 261 Km
  • Nearby Towns - Shrinathji is 90 Km from Udaipur | Mt.Abu (96 Km)

6. Mt.Abu & Ranakpur
Hidden Hill Station & Jain Temples in the Desert State
Mt.Abu up in the mountains is a very welcome break from the heat of Rajasthan deserts. The drive up the slopes is wooded its house wildlife includes bears, boars and langurs. The jain Dilwara temples is a must see in life and as extra ordinary a jain temple as can be.

  • See & Do - Dilwara Temple, Nakki Lake, Walks and Treks, Widlife Sanctuary
  • Stay at - Luxurious Wildlife Lodge made using Local Architecture
  • Airport - Udaipur at 232 Km | Ahmedabad at 220 Km | Jodhpur at 271 Km
  • Nearby Towns - Ranakpur is 90 Km from Mt.Abu | Jodhpur (96 Km)



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East Rajasthan - Wonderful Wilderness & Capital City

East Rajasthan has a unique amalgamation of Wilderness and Culture. From some of the most iconic and visited wildlife sanctuaries and national parks of Sariska, and Ranthambore where the King of the Jungle “Tiger” roams majestically to Bharatpur, where the birding is blissful.
Culture connoisseur will love Jaipur and its hot spots of Jantar Mantar, an ancient astronomy centre and a world heritage site, City Palace, Hawa Mahal, Amer Fort. Some great shopping adds to the cultural richness of the magic that is Jaipur

South Rajasthan

The small towns of Bundi, Kota and Chittaurgarh in southeast Rajasthan lies well protected in the ranges of the rugged Aravalli Hills that drop into rocky ravines. Explore this original region of Mewar and and stay in beautifully restored & superbly located old palaces & forts
Udaipur is the favourite resort town of Rajasthan with pleasant climate around the year. Stay in a lovely lake side resort from you explore this city of lakes, palaces and incredible Jain temples. You will end this lovely trip in the hill station of Mt.Abu and go on long walks and perhaps a hike. Travellers in love with Rajasthan can combine this trip with North West Rajasthan or Central Rajasthan


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