Our Services

Core Services – at a Glance

  • Experiential Hospitality

    is an asset based operation that builds, operates & markets luxury experiential eco camps, villas and resorts that are amazing alternative to the typical cookie cutter hotel accommodations. Click here to download the ‘Ecomantra’s green book of experiential hospitality’.
  • Life Enriching Experiences

    These 3 divisions i.e. enjoy, explore and enrich create life enriching experiences that has something for everyone in the family.
    Click here to download ‘Ecomantra’s red book of unique experience’.
  • Luxury Experiential Travel

    Luxexplore bundles 132-curated experiential Lodges in India and over 1000 experiential lodges across the world with ‘Life Enriching Experiential Outfits’ to create the finest ‘On the Fly Bespoke’ Luxury Holidays across the world for the luxury experiential travellers.
    Click here to download ‘Ecomantra’s gold book of experiential travel’.
  • Enjoy

    • Food & Brews
    • Shopping
    • Spa & Wellness
    • Music, Celebrations & Fests
  • Enrich

    • Meets and Talks
    • Interactive Workshops
    • Experiential Learning Programs & Youth Camps
    • Go Green and CSR Programs
  • Explore

    • One Day in Historical Cities and Towns
    • One Day on the Bays, Beaches and Backwaters
    • One Day in the Countryside and Forests
    • One Day in the Hills and Skies