1. All Inclusive Holidays
2. No Hidden Costs
3. Off-beat Destinations
4. Great Eco Lodges
5. Enriching Experiences
6. Personal Concierge
7. Free Member Perks
8. Best Price Guarantee
9. 24/7 Emergency Support
10. Travel Differently

Do you like to do things differently and seek Life Enriching Experiences & adventures? You will love Ecomantra’s travel differently. Stay in special places and experience special excursions & adventures to celebrate these special days with your special ones in style

Luxexplore’s luxury experiential holidays are created by our travel specialists for those travellers who seek the finest travel experiences in life that includes ultimate luxury lodges along with the most innovative adventure outfits.

Luxexplore offers you non-commercial and un-crowded destinations, which have a quality of uniqueness about them. On your eco-holiday you enjoy new experiences, cultures and crafts, authentic local cuisine and the satisfaction of having contributed to preserving the wilderness.

Luxexplore bundles 132 curated experiential Lodges in India and over 1000 experiential lodges across the world with Adventure Outfits to create ‘On the Fly Bespoke’ Luxury Holidays for the HNI & UHNW traveller. To check out how we offer this incredible process to empower you to customize your holiday on the fly, see for more information.

(a) Luxexplore India

132 destinations, 500 day trips, 49 adventures & unlimited fun in Incredible India.
Explore incredible India in an imitable way with Ecomantra. Get together in a unique place in a unique way. These are big happy days and we at Ecomantra knows how to make them forever memorable.

Luxexplore by Ecomantra has 23 modular private holidays that the traveller can instantly customise on their own as per preference. Luxexplore India will launched this year with a dedicated website

To check out the individual flyers of 23 Indian tours that has been loved by over 400 travellers, see Click Here

(b) Luxexplore World

12 Regions, 150 countries, countless destinations & day trips & unlimited fun on blue planet.
Every continent is a world by itself. A world of sheer variety, exhilaration and wonders! Words or pictures are not enough to describe the beauty and uniqueness of each continent. At Ecomantra, we have attempted to bring you the possibilities of exploring each continent in the world.

The responsible travel way, interacting with native culture and staying in places owned by locals. There are intense and vivid experiences to bring home. Experiences that enrich your life as you discover the beauty and oneness of the world

(c) 10 Great Reasons Why Ecomantra!

Why should you choose a Luxexplore Experiential Holiday?

1. All Inclusive Holidays

There are some things you really don’t want to face when you’re about to take a well earned break.

  • Finding a great destination that has something for everybody
  • Finding a great lodge who will give promised services
  • Finding a reliable car for transfers
  • Finding and booking great excursions, tours and adventures
  • Finding a local guide who knows all the great places & restaurants, and can get local permits done
  • Booking flights, visa & insurance.

There are infinite combinations and it takes many days and interacting with many people to design and book a great holiday. Leave it to us. We include all must see & do in an all inclusive holiday.

2. No Hidden Costs

Isn’t signing bills every few hours irritating on a holiday? We believe that a holiday is all about having fun with loved ones, while leaving all your worries behind. That’s why we don’t let any irritant come between you and an enchanting holiday with no hidden costs.

3. Off-beat Destinations

In n Luxexplore Experiential Holiday you have atleast one destination in a legendary landscape, away from the crowd in lesser known offbeat destination that is guaranteed to take your breath away and make you go vow.

4. Great Eco Lodges

Ecomantra has harvested its decades of expertise in operating eco lodges to pick & choose the best ones for your family. Only the best make it to our collection, and yet their quality is continuously monitored. If they falter, we remove them from list.

5. Life Enriching Experiences

Ecomantra holidays offer something for everyone the family. We source and deliver a variety of guided excursions, amazing adventures, unique celebration ideas and empowering discovery programs best suited for terrain you visit with your loved ones.

6. Concierge by Luxexplore

When you choose our holiday, you can expect excellent support and care at every stage. Your dedicated Luxexplore Concierge works with you and our trip leaders to assist you in customising your holiday, selects the best lodges and experiences partners, and supports you at all stages from the start to the end of your holiday.

7. Free Member Perks

We offer free perks at many of our collection eco lodges. Typically these can be

  • Automatic room upgrade upon arrival, when available
  • Complimentary breakfast or Internet access at select properties
  • Extended Stay with a 4 PM check-out, when available
  • Free airport / city transfers or experiences at select lodges

8. Best Price Guarantee

We are sure that our prices are the best available for the quality of our product. If, however, you find an exact identical holiday on exact same dates available with any other Experiential Travel company at a lower price, we will match that price & double your reward points.

9. 24/7 Emergency Support

Our holiday specialists in our travel lounge are available to you 24 hours a day and 365 days a year to not only assist you in designing a tailor made holiday itinerary but also assist you in case of any emergency that may arise while you are on your holiday.

10. Travel Differently

In an Ecomantra holiday, you can look forward to Traveling Differently, where you stay in great experiential eco lodges in beautiful off beat destinations, and which are filled with life enriching experiences for everybody in the family.

Leave it to Ecomantra
The moral of the story is simply this – You focus on enjoying a private experiential all inclusive holiday that is customised to ensure that everybody in the family has a great time, while we focus on everything else in the back to make your holiday forever memorable.

(d) Ecomantra Experiential Travel Process!

How to Build a Tailormade Luxexplore Experiential Holiday in 4 Simple Steps?

Step 1 – Select Your Destinations

We offer 132 Destinations within India in the Luxexplore – A Year of Indian Adventure and over 300 destinations in 30 Countries in Luxexplore World that you can pick and choose to create your private holidays.

Step 2 – Select Your Special Places to Stay

Beside Ecomantra’s experiential eco camps and eco resorts, it curates and offer the ultimate luxury lodges of the world that has a great collection upscale and luxury lodges & villas, hip & grand hotels, and luxury cruises & trains.

Step 3 – Select Your Life Enriching Experiences

We curate & present the real culture of the destination and its people through their food & brews, arts & crafts, music & entertainment, workshops & learning programs, excursions & adventures, spa & wellness programs, and feast & festivals.

Step 4 – Select Your Luxury Experiential Travel

You can create a bespoke luxury travel experience by picking and choosing your favourite destinations, where we offer you a great collection special places to stay filled with plenty of life enriching experiences that has something for everyone in the family