Operator Brand – Indiexplore by Ecomantra Amusements and Adventures LLP

EXPLORE are high on adrenaline excursions & adventures (day trips or tours).

Indiexplore is a dedicated excursions & adventures (tours & attractions) division that delivers ‘Explore’ excursions & adventures, also known as day trips to independent travellers and institutions. There are 5 sub categories depending upon the terrain and landscape of the destination and can be enjoyed with your loved ones from the 6 to 75 years age groups.

Often Indibreaks and Indiexplore sew up both ‘Enjoy’ and ‘Enrich’ activities along with adventures and attractions of that destination. These are be either self rides including on foot, segways, bikes or horses or you get driven in cars, jeeps, RV’s, boats, train or even elephants.

Indiexplore not only designs and deliver these tours and attractions at its own experiential eco resorts but beginning in 2014, it has begun to collaborate with state tourism boards & cities, and tier-1 hospitality brands seeking to build experiential travel content in their 150 or more rooms hotels & resorts.

Ecomantra has facilitated experiential learning programs, youth camps and offsite to more than 50,000 guests from close to 250 corporate in India. Our corporate client list reads like who’s who of India.

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Indiexplore has five sub categories based on 5 legendary landscapes. These are

1. One Fine Day in the Historical Cities & Towns

One Fine Day in the City focuses on culture – art & crafts, and its museums and monuments etc. Discover ancient heritage structures, be it temples or tribal caves, lost cities or palaces.
Ecomantra Electric Heritage Tours
At each Ecomantra Heritage Electric Tours location, Ecomantra assigns 6 expert guides to operate
1. Segways
2. Scooters
3. Bicycles
4. EV Cars

Present Locations

Beside operating at Ecomantra’s eco lodges at Harnai, Ecomantra Electric Heritage Tours presently collaborates with

1. Lavasa

It formed an alliance with Lavasa and presently operates Segway Electric Rides and Adventure tours in Lavasa since 2014. It is one of the rare location in Asia where you can experience Segway adventures tours & expeditions in the mountains.

2. Mumbai

In 2015, Ecomantra partnered with Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) in Mumbai, where it now operates India’s first & only multi generational, multi locational, multi modal, multimode and multi depth Electric Heritage Tour company that offers iconic heritage tours in tier-1 cities and tourism towns of India.

Upcoming New Electric Heritage Tours Locations

Presently Ecomantra Heritage Electric Tours seeks commence more locations in the hill stations, coastal India & Biodiversity hotspots of

1. Western Himalayas
2. Eastern Himalayas
3. Western Ghats of India.
4. Konkan & Goa

Ecomantra Heritage Electric Tours has already established a base and a team for immediate operations.

For more information write to Jayesh Gawde, GM Operations at


2. One Day on the Waterfront

One Day on the Waterfront focuses on aqua adventures that require the traveller to row, paddle, swim, raft & sail the deep blue waters. Take your boat and learn to row it silently on a lake or river, watch birds and other aquatic life as you cruise the boat on the waterfront.

3. One Fine Day in the Countryside and Forest

One Fine Day in the Countryside and Forest focuses on the countryside & wilderness adventures, where you walk or bicycle down your own path to explore the wooded slopes of the countryside, in the company of nature.

Here you discover the joy of being closer to the charming countryside of the country or its deep dark woods of the Wildlife Sanctuaries or a National Parks where you could discover so much that connects you with the idyllic charms of a rural village and the divine beauty of nature’s bounty.

One Fine Day in the Hills and Skies

One Fine Day in the Skies focuses on aero adventures that requires you to fly, soar, glide or jump in the deep blue skies. The view from the skies of the world below is a liberating experience and a memory for life.

And what better way to get closer to heaven than by do that than carry all your daily needs on your back including your food, gear and your tent on your back and just climb the hills, and stop & stay where you like. Whether you are up the slopes of the Himalayas or Western Ghats in India, or the majestic slopes of the Alps or Kilimanjaro, you will feel divinely connected with the Gods up there when day you walk up the hills or jump down the cliff.

52 Weeks 52 Trips in the Waterfront, Countryside, Forests & Hills of Maharashtra

On Indiexplore’s guided excursions (day trips) you will be amazed by the natural or man made heritage of the destination, whether it’s the city, waterfront, hills, forest or the skies.

While Mahadventure in partnership with MTDC is an innovative 52 tours 52 weeks all-inclusive guided excursions (day trips) that includes transfers, breakfast, lunch, high tea, and adventures. The key highlight of excursions and social events are to intensely & intimately experience the culture of place.

For more info write to Jayesh Gawde, GM Operations at gm@ecomantra.com