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  • What is Experiential Travel?

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  • Ecomantra’s experiential travellers are discerning well travelled, high networth and highly educated professionals and entrepreneurs who asks what will we do there instead of how much does that cost.

    At Ecomantra we understand that we’re all different, we all enjoy different things and our travel now reflects that. At Ecomantra, we do experiential travel that has something for everybody and yet gives something back to the places you visit.

Experiential travel is about doing rather than seeing. It’s about forgetting about what you should be seeing and instead focusing on what you wish to experience. Experiential Travellers want do more and feel the place instead of just seeing it as a typical tourist with a digital camera to take some pretty pictures. They want to play the game instead of sitting on the sidelines and just watching the game. They value the simple but real experiences they actually have over what they are told they should being doing by someone else.

Today’s traveller seeks deeper experiences that are compelling, which enriches their lives and forms a connection with the place they are visiting. Experiential Travel is a total immersion in a local way of life. Experiential Travellers want to meet and engage with the local people life from the front line to truly experience their way of life. They do this by taking out time to explore the sights, the sounds, the smells, the food, language and culture. They prefer to eat at a restaurant where the locals eat and stay at a local homestay or B&B instead of choosing big chain hotels

And Experiential Travel does not have always cost a lot. Often the simplest moments during your travels provide the greatest memories and experiences, which are priceless, unique and bring a smile to your face. Yes, at times these can be uncomfortable, sometime mundane but they are real and often the experience of a lifetime. And Experiential travellers understand that this is what real travel is really about – experiences that resonate long after they’ve happened. And hence they are willing to go great distance to experience unique places not found in most guidebooks and beyond the beaten tourist tracks to achieve it.

Historical travel was never out of fashion and is more in demand than ever. After all there is only one Tajmahal or Ajanta & Ellora, and in this way historically immersive luxury travel is no different today than getting your hands on a 1934 Maybach. You can lose your watch, you can lose your car, you can lose your house. You can never lose the emotional experience of enjoying something that few people have ever done

Many of the world’s most experiential travel destinations remain beyond the range of a standard flight or car, you have to take a private jet or you have to walk a lot, which is precisely where the experience starts to matter more since earning something is always better.

The downside for the hospitality industry is that location, location won’t simply work on its own any more. The service game is back but with a change, service today is now expected to be experiential by default. It’s now just expected everywhere. At the highest levels. Even in Antarctica.

Meet The 7 Types Of Experiential Travellers

  • The Purists

    Loves culture, loves food
    • Motto – When in Rome do as Roman does.
    • Look – Men wears white shirt & blue jeans with loafers. Women wear jeans, a coat, beanie with flats or boots . Knick knack goes in a satchel.
    • Transport – Sedan
    • Shades – Wayfarer

    You travel to not only discover new places but to experience the diversity of different culture by getting an insider’s access to local art, craft, food, temples, and way of life. You like to sample delicious local cuisines in little known local eateries and often participates in the culinary process. You opt for all the heritage tours to visit all the must see, cultural icons, art galleries and museums of that place and often stay in a heritage hotel or palace.

  • The Luxexplorer

    travels differently, travels in style
    • Motto – You only live once and deserve the best, so lets live life kingsize.
    • Look – Men wears Jacket & Linen Trousers with a brogue. and a beret. Women prefers a loose jersey dress with a necklace or a white blouse tucked into skinny jeans with a thin belt. Evenings are oversized scarf, and cute blazer or leather jacket. Knick knack goes in a leather duffel.
    • Transport – Luxury Sedan
    • Shades – Rimless

    You prefer to travel in a private group, value your privacy and like to keep the fun to yourself. You want air-conditioning and extra spaces everywhere and will pay for that extra leg space in flight. You settle for a suite in the grand hotel, only if a private villa or palace aren’t available. You have a butler and a chauffeur on your beck and call, while your personal concierge will pick up your call on the 2nd ring at 3 am in the night.

  • The Adventurer

    Loves excursions, love adventures
    • Motto – Where there is a will there is a way so why drive when you can hike or bike?
    • Look – Men wears Parka & Nylon Trek pants. Women wears a light jacket, scarf, leggings with a tank. Both wear with trekking boot and helmets. Knick knack goes in backpack.
    • Transport – Bicycle/Kayak
    • Shade – Oversize

    You are always on the move and will climb the mountains, bike the highest cliff and than jump from the cliff in to the sea to swim or surf with the dolphins.

    You are addicted to adrenaline and will do every thrilling activity under the sun, aren’t afraid to get lost in your quest to see the unseen and really remote, and yet unspoilt amazing places.

    You travel with 3 weeks of supplies in a day pack that your 4 year old daughter can carry and is the envy of everyone who are lugging around a 25 Kg backpack.

  • The Beach Bopping Night Owls

    Loves music, loves to party
    • Motto – Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you will die.
    • Look – Men prefer bermuda shorts, flip-flops, beach hats, and a beer logo t-shirt. , Women prefer simple chambray dress with plunging necklines & statement necklace,, espadrilles & Havianas. Knick knack goes in an oversized bag
    • TransportM – Scooter
    • Shades – Horn Rimmed

    Your wardrobe is simply shorts, shades and slippers. Your day begins at 6 pm and ends at 6 am for you usually party all night, and sleep all day; sleep all day on the beach that is with a martini by your side and the masseuse closeby for you need a bit of pampering after all night long on the dance floor.

    You are laid-back person, infact so laid-back that your friends says you are always horizontal. You believe that its always 5 o’clock somewhere and spend most of your time getting drunk in the best watering holes where you can also shake a leg, and who are happy to serve dinner at 4 am.

  • The Explorers

    Loves to explore destinations in depth
    • Motto – If its there, I am going to see it.
    • Look – Both men & women prefers sweater, jacket & Jeans, loose jersey dress, comfy sandals or high ankle leather shoes, peak cap. Knick knack & Bino goes in a day pack.
    • Transport – Jeep
    • Shades – Aviators

    You travel with map & guide book in hand and a camera around your neck. You have researched the destination in detail before you arrive with a well drafted written down plan.

    You rise early everyday so that you can cover everything, whether its heritage tours on foot or bicycles, or day trips in cars, cruises or trains.

    You are famous for arriving for an 8 am bike tour at 7 am just to be on the safer side. Your local taxi drivers in 15 countries and you are on first name terms.

  • The Trendsetting Yogi

    lives local, travels slow
    • Motto – Whats the hurry, so lets take it easy, do the right things, go with the flow and find inner peace.
    • Look – Men prefer fisherman pants & loose Kurtas, Women lounge pants and Kurtis. Both are partial to dreadlocks, tattoos and lots of necklaces. Knick knack goes in an oversized clothe bag
    • Transport – Public
    • Shades – Round Metal

    You are free spirited hippie inner peace seeker who chooses to travel green, culturally immerses in the destination and live like the locals by staying put in one place for long.

    You love to read a book or two on spiritualism or social justice in the hammocks, hire a bike or use local transportation to roam the area at leisure, buy your favourite bakes and food from the local organic cafe.

    You are not content being a mere spectator and participates deeply in everything that goes around you. You have best friends in 36 countries and write travel guides on request.

  • The super practical travel Family

    Have kids, will travel
    • Motto – The more the merrier, and if they cant walk yet, you will haul them
    • Look – Shirt and Pants. Women prefers comfortable cargos and flat shoes. Knick knack goes in a full size trolley bag.
    • Transport – MUV
    • Shades – GI Glasses

    You are the quintessential 3rd generation traveller who find it sacrilegious when you hear that people travel so that they can take a break from work?! Au contraire, you work so that you can travel!

    Your kids travelled for the first time with you when they were 3 weeks old not counting ofcourse the 3 trips you took when they were still in the womb. You say how can kids come in the way for all you personally know over 250 places that has something for everyone in the family.