Experiential travellers almost always seek leisurely Life Enriching Experiences and very often this is the primary reason why they travel.

ENJOY are leisurely activities includes food & brews, shopping, wellness, entertainment, fests & celebrations, and are a must do at that destination and can be enjoyed with your loved ones from all age groups.

Indibreaks is a dedicated leisure activities and event division that delivers these ‘Enjoy’ leisurely experiential activities to independent travellers and institutions. It has curated and presented the culture of place and its people through their food, flavours and brews, shopping, arts & crafts, music & entertainment, and feasts & festivals in way that enriches and amazes you.

Every region has it own way of celebrating with music and dance. We invite you for a glimpse into this local celebration with unique folk music instruments and dances. Choosing folk music and dance forms in your holidays also help us to save the dying, unrecognised arts in the country. Often you are encouraged to participate and understand diverse cultures through group dances.

Whether you’re planning an elaborate corporate function or intimate family dinner, our skilled culinary team will work with you to design the perfect menu using fresh, seasonal foods to create gastronomic goodness for your theme, party size and budget. We’ll make your event an affair to remember, so you can enjoy your guests and leave the planning to us. These are big days, happy days and we will help you dream up ways to create a truly unique experience and make them forever memorable.

The best part is that Indibreaks offers ‘On the Fly Bespoke’ experiences, which means that they can customise and pace to suit their personal travel style, pace and preferences.

Get together in a unique place in a unique way. Our guests are awed by the natural and man made heritage of the destination, and get to meet its people, feast on local cuisine, buy its art and crafts, listen to its music, and enjoy its landscape.